HARIO | Tetsu-Kasuya Mini Drip Kettle 300mL
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HARIO | Tetsu-Kasuya Mini Drip Kettle 300mL

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Together with Hario, Kasuya has designed a range of beautiful and functional cupping products, including the Hario Kasuya Mini Drip Kettle. This mini drip kettle is the perfect size for a hot cup of tea or a 300ml V60 pour over, and matches perfectly with the Kasuya range. The stainless steel kettle features a comfortable handle and a specifically designed spout for easy and accurate pouring.

Tetsu Kasuya was the winner of the 2016 World Brewers Cup, and is well-known for around the world for his “4:6 Method” of making coffee. This method adjusts the taste of the coffee by separating the water used into 40% and 60%. Kasuya’s theory suggests that the first 40% of the water adjusts the balance of sweetness and acidity, and the remaining 60% adjusts the strength of the pour.

The kettles is not designed to be used as a heating device and must not be used on direct heat sources. The Mini Drip Kettle is designed to be hold water heated by a kettle or other heating devices and to be used as a dripping pot when making coffee with pour over brewing methods.

Colour: Matte Black
Size: W165 x D90 xH100mm
Practical Capacity: 300ml

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