Brewista Artisan Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle 600mL - Stefanos Domatiotis

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Brand: Brewista


  • Brand: Brewista

  • Model: BV382606VCN

Gooseneck design, control water speed easily, amount and direction.Swan's tail shape handle, meets the requirement of ergonomics, operating easily.Diamond shape cover, fashion and beautiful, which is helpful to press and control direction.The panel is made of one piece tempered glass, cleaning easily.The power line can be disassembled, which makes it easily to carry.Boil button, heating to boil directly, simplify the operation. Buzzing warning makes operation safety, you can choose to close or turn on this function, design more humane. This kettle use Strix Temperature control system,which is imported from the UK. With this brilliant function,you can control the temperature within 1 Celsius. This kettle body use ASTM food level 304 stainless steel from the USA. The cover, handle and the bottom of kettle used wooden picture, elegant and in good taste. The design of kettle body is protected by patent.




Item number:    BV382606VCN(Taiwan:BV382606VTW)

Rated frequency: 220V~ 50Hz (Taiwan 110V~60Hz)

Power:1000W(Taiwan 900W)

Place of origin:China

Executive standard:GB4706.1-2005,GB4706.19-2008