Brewista Artisan Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle 600mL-Pure White
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Brewista Artisan Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle 600mL-Pure White

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The Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle is a stylish and functional variable temperature kettle with a pour over designed spout for precision. Designed with daily functions in mind, the 600ml capacity is ideal for pour over.  The Brewista Artisan Kettle also features a built in timer which can be used while pouring a pour over, brewing an AeroPress or anything in between.


Ideal for baristas who use the Aeropress and other pour over methods. No need to let the water boil to a 100°C and then wait for it to come down to 93°C and then reboil it again when it gets cold.



Set An Exact Temperature – An LCD display allows you to select the exact temperature you want to brew with.

Common Temperature Presets – Includes preset temperatures for coffee and all tea types.

Auto-On and Off – Set a time for the kettle to begin warming and wake up to brew-ready water. If you don’t use it for 60 minutes, the kettle will shut off automatically.

Keep Warm – Turn the kettle on and press the warm button to keep the water at that temperature for up to one hour.

Ultimate Pouring Control – The gooseneck spout offers ultimate control and comfort when pouring water at any rate.



  • 25 Gauge 304 White

  • Capacity 600ml

  • Measures In: Fahrenheit and Celsius

  • Watts: 1000W element for quick heating

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