Brazil Santa Serra

Brazil Santa Serra

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Coffee Information

VARIETY: Heirloom


PROCESS: Natural

TASTING NOTES: Peanut Butter, Tablea, Caramel

ROAST: Espresso 

Coffee Story

Pioneering in the production of quality coffee in the Mantiqueira de Minas region, Brazil, Cocarive Cooperative has been part of the influential icons that brought attention to the region and Carmo town. For years, the cooperative has been envisioning to produce the highest quality possible to enhance the returns of its members. With the right strategic decisions and relentless dedication they are on the right path of producing the best qualities around.

Nowadays, Mantiqueira de Minas has been showered with awards especially that of the Brazil's Cup of Excellence. Due to such an amazing feat, an official 'Geographic Indication' was placed as recognition by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) in 2011. To this day, Mantiqueira de Minas is still recognized as one of the world's finest coffee producing regions.

Flavor Maturation / Peak Flavors

Our roasted coffee beans can take around 3 - 4 weeks of rest for it to degas enough and the flavors to develop. We strongly recommend to brew the coffee during this period to get the best experience of our coffees. Drink within 3 months if you must, but by then we might have released more coffee varieties. So drink fast!

After the roasting process, the coffee beans will possess high concentration of carbon dioxide gasses within itself as a byproduct of the aforementioned process. These gasses hinder the overall quality of the coffee, as it will aggressively create multiple air pockets during your brew. These air pockets are responsible for creating an uneven extraction; acting as a disruptive barrier between the contact of water and coffee grounds. Furthermore, carbon dioxide when fused with water will give you a sour taste, similar to the carbon dioxide you taste in colas.

The coffee will release some of these gasses naturally, as a process we call degassing. While degassing, the coffee's flavors will also develop. This happens every day until it reaches its peak. The peak of our coffees varies, but we believe the best of flavors are pronounced when it reaches a month old and it will still be great even after 3 months.