Ethiopia Yukro Lot 8

Origin: Kata Maduga Union

Agaro coops have historically delivered coffee to OCFCU (Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union), the biggest coffee union in Ethiopia. The union functions as a service-provider for coops in the main areas of marketing (i.e. finding buyers), harvest assistance (e.g. agronomic), finance (i.e. helping coops to obtain loans from local banks), and providing documentation services (i.e. assisting in navigating the often labyrinthine bureaucratic system of obtaining the correct documents so that coffee can be sold and exported).

The Kata Mudaga Union was established on August 2016 by 35 primary cooperatives and includes a total of 17,594 small-scale farmer members. Kata Mudaga is located within the regional state of Oromia, Jimma zone, and Agarois its town closest. Agaro islocated 397km from Addis Ababa.

Working area: includes five rural districts in the Jimma Zone: Goma, Gera, Gummay, Setema and Sigimo.

Climate: the temperature ranges from 12-24 degrees Celsius with an annual rain fall from between 1600–2000mm.

Variety: Heirloom
Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Sweet, Watermelon
Process : Fully Washed
Elevation : 2,100 masl

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