Ethiopia Guji Goldcrest


This extraordinary coffee is originated and produced in Ethiopia, the motherland of Arabica coffee, the origin of the origins. The coffee was prepared by our production partner incorporating special arrangements and setups based on the unique flavour profiles of the beans. With the contribution of our producer partner, the quality of flavours, sweetness and uniqueness that are embedded in the coffees are further enriched and enhanced.

The coffee cherry pickers at the origins are trained to pick only perfectly ripped cherries, which reached a brix degree (ie sweetness indicator) at 20 or above (average is 15). The perfectly ripped cherries will then be put up for sun drying on the African bed, the process of which takes up to 21 days, with steps involving intensive care drying and turning of ripped cherries every two hours.

Due to the size of this coffee beans, we named this coffee Goldcrest, also known as “”Little King””, one of the smallest and most beautiful birds in the world. We discovered that the smaller the size of the beans, the higher the intensity of the flavours, sweetness and complexity it gives us. This coffee’s average screen size of the beans is 11 – 12, which is way smaller than typical sizes of Heirloom at 15 – 16.

With the aim to achieve the ultimate superior quality of the beans that we are after, we push every single tiny piece of green bean through the green coffee optical colour sorter and for as many as 15 times to eliminate defective green beans. Post roasting, the roasted beans are further scrutinized via the roasted beans optical colour sorter in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines such that defective beans will be further eliminated and reduced completely.

WEIGHT: 250g
ROAST: Filter
VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESS: Natural
TASTING NOTES: Mango, Juicy Cherry, Candied Fruit

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